Best Blogger Tips I could be any one of you.

I could be any one of you.

I am ze RED Spy you daft oaf.
Currently stationed at Coldfront. Send letters to this Mailbox.
Classified Information.

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Seduce me.

Seduce me.




((Abel and Aldous outfits colored…okay last time I touch these I swear I just get really bored during class and I had gotten the lines all done soooo))

Medic OC Outfit designs for Coodles u-u

There’s my crazy babies.

[[Me after getting into Sherlock for the past… Three to four weeks.]]

[[Me after getting into Sherlock for the past… Three to four weeks.]]

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Happy New Year! 

- From your friendly neighborhood Tumblrforter <3 

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Engie and the Beast
묘하게 닮아보였음..


Engie and the Beast

묘하게 닮아보였음..

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weehh kind of important since I messed up one thing on the info page



I don’t need the initial part, I need a personnel number from you instead. so please just follow this and send it to moi

Personnel File: #6 digit numbers; Class Initial/Team Initial


Personnel file: 021547MR

thank you!))

[[Ok no probs. :3

I’ll submit it to Coldfront asap]]

[[heh heh cool example you an use from canon: those numbers heh heh i’m a dork]] 

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b4n4n4 cr34m p13!!

Four Months Prior, 2Fort

Pyros were the bane if his existence. Flame threatened his dreams at night and often left him in a cold sweat in the mornings. The RED Spy had a nasty encounter with one two years prior at Badwater leaving his arm scarred. The smell of soot hardly washed out after battle and he often avoided fellow Pyros, friendly or otherwise, even in social situations. Most were mumbling, covered people, burned, chard, scared and singed in some way. They were a bit freaky in Chevell’s opinion. 

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…….. *SNOWBALL* 

*Smacked straight in the invisible face with the snowball, flashes red for a second until you hear a groan, you see a wad of snow being made and it is launched in your direction*